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Companies today are facing competitive challenges to design and manufacture complex products in shorter times with lower budgets. Our engineering services team offers agile and flexible solutions to meet this challenge.

We have helped our clients in

  • Reducing engineering services costs by 50%
  • Providing expertise across multiple design platforms
  • Improving productivity by focusing on non core activities to free up client resources on new product development
    Collaboration and Project Management
    Engineering Services requires strong collaboration and project management between the client and delivery teams. While we use web collaborative tools and regular status and conference calls between teams, our onshore engagement team plays a key role in managing the knowledge transfer and ensuring that our delivery meets client satisfaction. Some of the key process steps we follow to ensure this are:
    Initial scoping meeting to discuss project and share documentation/ideas
    Detailed document by delivery team highlighting project requirements, gaps and timelines. This is approved by the client before work begins
    Set up of collaborative web site where drawings are uploaded and status monitored.
    Weekly progress meetings discussing progress, issues and monitoring of key metrics
    Delivery and signoffs
    We follow CMM Level 3 guidelines for all our development and delivery processes. This gives us both the discipline and the flexibility to provide the best value to our clients.
    Major application areas for Modeling and Simulation include
    3D Modeling and Detailing
  • Surface modeling
  • Solid modeling
  • Sheet metal modeling
  • Castings
  • Assembly

    Product Design
  • Plastic components
  • Sheet metal components

    Top-down Design
  • Concept design
  • Large assembly management

    Electrical Design
  • Schematic (circuit)
  • Harness routing
  • Harness assembly
  • Hydraulics and Lubrication System Design
  • Hoses and end fittings
  • Valves
  • Routing

    Reverse Engineering
  • Automotive components
  • White goods

    Tool Design
  • Jigs & fixtures
  • Injection molding
  • Die Casting
  • A few application areas where we have delivered CAD solutions include
    Automotive components   Mechanical components
  • Designing, detailing, modeling of parts, assemblies and fixtures in sheet metal, plastics, composites and casts  
  • Parts, components and assembly drawings for mechanical devices, castings, tools, moulds and machinery

    Electrical components
  • Schematic diagrams (circuit) for electrical components and sub assemblies, harness routings, wiring and layout designs for buildings, etc.
      Examples of Modeling & Detailing | Tool Design | Reverse Engineering

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