Current seating capacity of 300 seats scalable at a notice of 120 days.

All support systems and processes maintained on a - mission critical basis.

Captive Power Generation to provide 24/7 backup power.

All systems connected to UPS systems.

Dedicated UPS system for Servers and Telecom Equipment.

Design Features

Minimum 50% redundancy for all support systems.

Support systems and processes on mission critical basis.

Redundant power and water supply systems.

Fully self reliant.

Stable captive power supply from Diesel Generators.

Battery and UPS backup for all critical supplies.

Fire Safety.

Regular fire exercises/drills.

Hand held fire extinguishers.

Fault Tolerence

Disaster management process in place and widely disseminated for every foreseeable eventuality.

Manager on the spot to initiate recovery without waiting for intervention.

Redundancy built into all systems to maintain functionality in the event of breakdown.

Each disaster management process periodically rehearsed and audited.

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