Our business unit is structured to offer strong domain focus and is a repository of domain knowledge with experts who have outstanding experience in migrating and successfully implementing processes.

Specifically for each of the verticals we address, we can provide the following services:

  • Engineering Services Outsourcing (EPO)

    The scope for outsourcing within the field of engineering is vast and holds limitless possibilities for growth. It offers quality and precision at a fraction of the cost and is waiting to be exploited.

    Our engineering team presents a strong and synergistic group which provides you with extra value through their skills, experience and method of working together to achieve a goal.

  • Our Service Offering includes
  • Product Design and Development  
  • Computer Aided Drafting and Detailing
  • Reverse Engineering  
  • 3 and 5 Axis NC programming
  • 3D Modeling and Legacy Conversion  
  • Tool design

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  • Application Development Services

    BPO Matrix offers solution oriented IT services that span a complete application life cycle from planning, design, development and testing to implementation, roll out and maintenance.

  • Our Application Service includes
  • Development
    We have a strong talent pool and competency in developing and maintaining software applications in state-of-the-art areas of technology. These include Internet/E-Commerce, N-tier Client/Server applications and web application development services. We offer "total solutions" to the end user.
  • Integration
    Increases efficiency, increases business agility and decreases costs. Businesses can amplify return on investment (ROI), people can access an integrated view of business information, and processes can be streamlined between systems. With access to a real-time flow of information, people are able to make better business decisions and systems operate more effectively.
  • Migration
    Migration leverages a business model. It can also be a cost effective alternative to rewriting or buying new existing products. We provide end-to-end solutions for seamless migration from planning, installing, and verifying, to customizing, testing, data migration and support.

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  • Hospitality Services

    We offer a complete spectrum of end-to-end solutions for the hospitality industry including data, voice, web and technology driven processes or a blend of all.

    The executive management of BPO Matrix has extensive experience in setting up both technology and operational processes for the hospitality industry.

    Further more we are working with Micros Fidelio and we can provide services based upon the usage of Micros Central Systems Software and interfaces.

  • Broad category of services include
  • Data Cleansing and Washing  
  • Voice Based Reservations
  • Data Warehousing and Mining  
  • Technical Support
  • Data Consolidation  
  • Customer Care
  • Web Response Management  
  • CRM Services
  • Loyalty Program Management  
  • Intranet & Document Management
  • Accounting Services & Receivables Management      

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  • Travel Process Outsourcing

  • At BPO Matrix we understand that the travel industry is very dynamic industry and the competition is increasing with the newer distribution models available. The team at BPO Matrix helps in fulfilling customers’ demands thus ensuring customers’ loyalty. We have the necessary competencies to deliver superior service for our clients in Hotels, Airlines, Car rentals, Tour operations and Travel management companies.

    We have our in-house team of hospitality and travel domain experts to incubate new projects and processes such as hiring and training in order to provide strong orientation to the industry and process being served.

    Our range of services for Travel includes
  • AAgency fares solutions: Published and negotiated fares loading, fare entry and processing travel agency front office support – international call centers, contact centers, help desks outsourcing
  • Remote management and servicing of accounts payable and receivable systems
  • Travel agency accounting & BSP reconciliation related services processing and management
  • Agency financials analysis and support: We can help your finance department in processing data for financial analyses and reporting
  • Travel agency back-office services: E-marketing solutions for travel agents
  • Travel agency data mining and data processing
  • Voice data and web based services

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

    BPO Matrix brings flexibility to your staffing needs and is dedicated to adding efficiency and quality to your staffing process.

  • Under our RPO Services we offer
  • Sourcing, Resume mining and screening on leading job boards
  • Short listing and contacting potential candidates
  • Contacting the short listed candidates via Email or phone to verify their information and validate interest level in open positions
  • Appointment scheduling with a recruiter in the client company
  • Business Intelligence Research

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  • Customer Support/IT/Help Desk Support

    BPO Matrix provides simple to high-end tech support including customer service, product feature/services support and troubleshooting. We have exceptional experience in supporting diverse hardware and software products. We have successfully launched pilots followed by rapid increase in size and scope without compromising on project metrics. We provide flexibility to manage higher call volume and spikes. We also have migrated clients' processes to new channels of communication such as chat to provide economic efficiencies.

  • Some of our services include
  • General customer support
    IT Help Desk, Asset & configuration management, User Management (Windows Platform), Security management and virus control, Performance management and reporting.
  • Tech support
    IT Help Desk for day to day support. This includes all types of support applications for troubleshooting of IT Products (desktops, PCs, Laptops, PDA, printers, storage devices, etc).
  • Product support
    Installation / Configuration / Troubleshooting – Onsite or Remote for various wireless networking products (VPN Routers, wireless routers, hubs, switches, cable/DSL/ADSL, bridges and wireless adaptors).
  • Application support
    1st Level user software application support - Desktop Applications, Microsoft products, MS SQL, IIS, ISA.CISCO.
  • Knowledge base management
    Incident management, ITIL
  • Remote troubleshooting of IT
    Remote troubleshooting of IT Infrastructure - Server monitoring, worldwide networks management, server maintenance support for Linux-based email, web proxy, VPN, Database, LDAP and other custom applications 1st Level user software application support - Microsoft, MS SQL, IIS, ISA.CISCO, Knowledge base management- Incident management, ITIL.
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