System Integration
Our BPO center hardware includes the CIC, Predictive Dialer, Voice Logger and CTI. The latest high end CONFIG Servers of HP, DELL and IBM.

We have a 2 Mbps managed IPLC through VSNL. This is entirely on Fiber Optic cable which gives us better response times. The cable used is the westbound SEAMEWE3 from Mumbai, India

Calling Technology
The CIC offers high performance ACD, predictive and managed outbound call handling. Built on Windows platform, the CIC ACD/PDS delivers maximum productivity during call handling and job handling. Its powerful supervisor interface-Campaign Interactive Administrator provides a real time window into campaign and agent performance and enables you to dynamically manage your operation.

ACD Switch
ACD with universal queuing serves as a flexible automatic communication distributor for phone calls, web chats, Emails and other events, and for any number of queues. Also utilize CIC’s skills based and media based routing to quickly get each interaction to the right agent, business user or workgroup.

This has features such as
  • Automatic call distribution (ACD) in which calls are automatically distributed among agents or hunt group members assigned to those splits and terminate to the most idle terminal group.
  • Most idle agent across splits/skills
  • Multiple call handling
  • Service observing
  • It supports real-time and historical reports that will assist in managing the call center. The reports include information on agents, ACD splits/skills, trunk groups.
    Web Chat
  • CIC provides a complete chat server for receiving and sending chats from call center agents and users.
  • An agent can chat while on the phone.
  • During a chat session, request help with a supervisor
  • Consult e-FAQ via the e-FAQ query tab. After selecting a given FAQ and inputting a question, e-FAQ will retrieve any relevant answer entries. The answer entries can then be dragged into the chat text window.
  • Conference in other Interaction Client users in chat sessions.

    Voice Logger
    CIC has an inbuilt robust and very efficient Voice Logger which is very helpful tool for monitoring and qualitative analysis purposes. The recording solution consists of the following components :
  • A Windows based digital voice recorder and stores audio in high quality audio-compressed digital format
  • IC Recorder - A SQL compliant open client-server system with a dedicated server that manages millions of recorded telephone calls in call database. Authorized users can concurrently search for calls in the database and play the recorded audio from client workstations.
  • A complete quality management solution designed to assess and improve the quality of a call center customer service through automated voice recording, screen capture, call evaluation and reporting. Its benefits are that it accurately identifies training needs through objective assessment of group and agent performance and that it reduces management costs by automating manual evaluation practices.
  • Agent and/or supervisor accesses the centralized database server to playback recorded telephone conversations.

    The CIC Voice Logger supports the following recording solutions
    Total recording Selective recording Quality Monitoring Recording on Demand
    Interactive voice response offers self-service options while customers are waiting in queue, and also speech-enable self-service options for customer convenience. CIC IVR support DTMF and can directly interact with the Database and insert or read the desired information from DB and can do realtime announcement to the caller. It also support voice recognition.
    PBX and IP PBX call processing
    CIC support a full digital telephone system with features like ANI, DNIS, and T-1/E-1 support, plus fully programmable dial plans, customizable routing schemes, and virtual PBX functionality.
    Supervision and system monitoring
    CIC's support extensive supervisory and agent/ system monitoring capabilities with the Interaction Supervisor p lug-in component for even more comprehensive
    Agent workstations
    ACER Power Dual Core 3.0GHz, 160 GB SATA HDD, 512 RAM 17" CRT/LCD Windows XPP
    Connected to the Internet via a 2Mbps lease line link for our email and web browsing
    Fully secure site
  • Electronic security for Access
  • Separate areas for Production and other facilities with security
  • Redundant Data Security
  • Power
    The site is powered by diesel generators with backup Gensets providing uninterrupted power supply to the building.
    Uniform Power Supply (UPS)
    The site is equipped with a GE LP33 with a 30 minutes backup on full load. This system is based on the latest state-of-the-art proven "On-line Double Conversion" technology and ECO Operation Mode complying with EUROPEAN Standard 50091-2. ONE APC's 10KVA UPS dedicated for Server Room.
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